Last night the Philadelphia Eagles finally won their first NFL Super Bowl Championship. It was a remarkable game and winning the Vince Lombardi trophy was long overdue for the birds. Residents, business owners, and city officials celebrated in the streets last night and gave tribute to our amazing team.

Unfortunately in Center City Philadelphia, rowdy fans knocked down street light lamps, the Ritz Carlton awning, lit things on fire, tore down poles, and there were many arrests. Meanwhile in Northeast Philadelphia, along the King’s Highway at the intersection of Cottman and Frankford Avenues, thousands of Northeast Philly residents came together to celebrate the victory in peace.

“Seeing families, children, and fans, all cheering and singing in unison peacefully should tell you something about Northeast Philly.” said Donny Smith, President of the Mayfair Civic Association

This reporter constantly hears people talk smack on Northeast Philly and how it is full of drugs, crime, and bad people. But last nights’ peaceful celebration is a testament as to how wrong people truly are about Northeast Philly. It is a wonderful community of hard working families, business owners, close knit friends, and a wealth of history, art, culture, music, events, and food.

While walking around the crowd to watch the celebration, it was apparent how proud everyone was of the Eagles. Tears filled cheeks, the Eagles chant filled the air, cheering was ubiquitous, and strangers hugged each other everywhere.

“This city has waited a very long time for this moment, and we deserved it!” said Northeast Philly Resident Dan Torres.

The amazing Northeast Philadelphia Police Department barely had to move a muscle since nobody rioted, destroyed property, broke street lamps, or lit any fires. With the exception of some beautiful fireworks and loud noise, there were zero incidents or arrests to report.

“I couldn’t stop crying. I’ve been waiting my whole life for this. It felt amazing to celebrate with all of my friends and family on Cottman & Frankford.” said Tara Gontek, President of the Holmesburg Civic Association. “I’m proud to call myself a Northeast Philly resident and so happy that my fellow neighbors celebrated peacefully. It goes to show you that we know how to behave during a celebration.”

So the next time you or someone you know talks badly about Northeast Philadelphia, ask yourself, where would you rather celebrate the next major sports championship: Center City or Northeast Philadelphia?  This reporter will stick to Northeast Philly, one of the best places in America to live and work!

6 thoughts on “Eagles Celebration in Northeast Philly Celebrated Peacefully!”

  1. I wrote this article in my head last night & today. Couldn’t be more spot on…Northeast Philly deserves props today!!!

  2. After Super Bowl Sunday…Im even more proud that I live here. I’ve lived in Mayfair my whole life,and have had the pleasure of knowing wonderful people…I ❤this article and the beautiful words…I couldn’t agree more…This is a neighborhood filled with people that are full of heart!

  3. I am not from Philadelphia but I live in the Northeast for 10+ years. The philly fans absolutely DESERVE TOO be PROUD!!!!!! I am so happy for all of the fans here in Philly. Bernadette

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